I am a preacher, teacher and writer. For thirty years I was privileged to serve as the lead pastor of First Church of the Nazarene in Jackson, Michigan—affectionately called, “JaxNaz.” During that time I had the honor of partnering with some amazing leaders to launch and nourish Compassionate Ministries of Jackson County, an organization working to end generational poverty.

Currently, I serve as an adjunct professor at two Christian universities teaching church leadership and social justice. I also serve as a pastor to patients in hospice care, and their families.

I did my undergraduate work in Biblical Literature and then went on to seminary. Following that I did graduate work in Peace Studies and earned a Doctor of Ministry degree.   

More importantly, I’m a husband, a dad, a grandpa and a Christ follower. I have been married to a fantastic woman for more than forty years. My time with Carol has brought good things—three awesome kids, two fantastic kids-in-law and some wonderful grandchildren. My daughter, Bekah, and Scott, and the little ones live near us in Jackson. My grandchildren are Matthew, Sophia, Isaac, William, Samuel and Lily (Lily is with the Lord). My son, Nate, and Jen live in New Orleans. And Caitlin attends Vanderbilt Divinity School in Nashville.

I've been walking with Jesus even longer than I've known Carol. And even though it has been a number of years, I'm still heavy into discovery mode. I'm trying to learn all I can about what it means to follow Him and to be an agent of His grace.


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